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It is said that in ancient Louis Vuitton , many of the peasant uprising , for example: Yellow Turbans ' Chen Sheng Uprising Heavenly Kingdom , Replica Louis Vuitton Belts are pre- release rumors, and then played a incites people to overthrow the regime in effect. Throughout the ages, all kinds of rumors in Replica Louis Vuitton Belts popular, either illiterate common people , or better educated literati have preached faith too , as a proverb says : People always like to believe that they are willing to believe the words Rumors so spread rapidly , in fact, to some extent also reflects the social contradictions and chaos reign of an era , the community is facing major changes and splitting crash of an omen . Rumors spread of political party members and cadres are generally the instigator , is also made people want to pass out. For a political party cadres spread rumors , the party is entitled to be severely punished , because they eat rice spend party money and then demonize party party party should of course be removed , unless from shut up. Fake Louis Vuitton Belts And the people in their daily lives preaching rumors , in fact, just a few messages that are not experienced , but they see the message heard second-hand or third-hand . Louis Vuitton Belts are often passed around more mass the more confusing, most people at the time relayed to others , most likely to make judgments based on empirical guess a reasonable degree of logic or reality degree , Louis Vuitton Belts Replica also can not guarantee the real . You can not go in the previous survey quoted conclusive evidence of the fact that many have been unable to confirm the crisis is over , Louis Vuitton Belts are spread every day. There is no doubt there are many messages are untrue , the word is part of the rumor . Such rumors and rumors of political party members and cadres spread a clear distinction between such rumors as a speech, not because of its content , not true casually incrimination . Because the Constitution guarantees citizens freedom of speech , and not the contents of the factual as a prerequisite protected against any legal person can not do the things required . Dissemination of the contents of the message does not match the facts , but also a sense of freedom of expression , in principle, should be protected by the Constitution and laws . But politics is different rumors , rumors spread from the political party members and cadres , Replica Louis Vuitton Belts often demonize the image of the party and the state, the party organization is a matter punish the party , the people can not make irresponsible remarks.